Wir informieren Sie auf dieser Seite zu allen wichtigen Themen rund ums Parken am Düsseldorfer Airport und den dazugehörigen Services.

Parking at Dusseldorf Airport: a good trip from the start

Just where should you take your car? To one of more than 20,000 parking spaces at Dusseldorf Airport of course! You can park particularly close to the terminal in the orange TERMINAL rate zone – especially cheap in the yellow LONG-TERM rate zone, the coveted LONG-TERM BUDGET zone is marked red. Colours thus show you the way to the parking space of your choice – in all plans and in our parking guidance system. Please note that LONG-TERM SAVE parking spaces are marked yellow instead of red (like LONG-TERM) in the parking guidance system.


General Terms and Conditions

You can find the General Terms and Conditions for parking at Düsseldorf Airport at the following link:

General terms and conditions

Capacities and height restrictions

Is your vehicle lower than 1.90 m? Then you can park it in any multi-storey car park at Düsseldorf Airport – whether near to the terminal or for a particularly reasonable fare in a long-term car park. If your car is higher, please consult your parking options in the adjacent table – or simply use one of our car parks without a height restriction. Have a good and pleasant trip!

Kiss & Fly

Find all information pertaining to the new access regulation “Kiss & Fly” on this page.

Parking for disabled passengers

Wichtige Informationen rund ums Thema Parken für Fluggäste mit Behinderung.

For our disabled passengers coming to the airport by car, we recommend underground car park P1, which is located right underneath the terminal, as well as multi-storey car parks P2 and P3.

Disabled people who own a blue European Parking Card issued by the Road Traffic Authority may park their vehicle free of charge in the air passenger parking spaces in the TERMINAL and LONG-TERM areas (does not apply to multi-storey car parks P11 and P12 or to the First Class parking area) at Düsseldorf Airport. You may stop free of charge in the “Kiss & Fly” area at the Departures level for a maximum of three hours.

Presenting only a disabled person's pass is not sufficient for the use of a disabled person's parking space. Only parking permit holders can take advantage of the special parking offer at Düsseldorf Airport, not persons collecting others from the airport or bringing them there.

When departing from one of our multi-storey car parks, please indicate this via the intercom. An employee of the multi-storey car park operator will come to the exit and will unlock it once he has noted the number of your blue European Parking Card as well as your vehicle's registration number.

Parking at Düsseldorf Airport

If you have any further questions, simply contact us on:

Tel.: +49 (0)211-421-25 500

Parking space reservation and booking

Parkplätze online reservieren

Take advantage of the opportunity to pre-order a parking space in the multi-storey car park of your choice at Düsseldorf Airport – up until midnight on the evening prior to your arrival. You arrive and park no problem – without needing to obtain a parking ticket. Via the online booking service you can reserve a parking space of your choice in a multi-storey car park of your choice or in a car park selected by you. We thus guarantee you that there will be a free parking space available for you in the multi-storey car park or car park at the arrival time you have indicated.

For parking spaces in the TERMINAL zone, you pay the EUR 6 reservation fee (EUR 8 in the Premium Parking area, multi-storey car park P3) conveniently by credit card or cash card. This fee includes the provision of your parking space up to 1 hour before and/or after your announced arrival time in fare zone TERMINAL.

In rate zones LONG-TERM and LONG-TERM BUDGET, you can book parking spaces online and pay for them conveniently when leaving. In these fare zones, you can arrive up to a maximum of 4 hours earlier and up to 4 hours later, even if the display says "OCCUPIED". After this time, your reservation lapses.

Please use the credit card or cash card chosen by you to reserve or book your parking space – instead of a parking ticket – to drive into the multi-storey car park containing your reserved parking space and for when you depart later. Please push your credit card or cash card into the ticket issue slit at the entrance. Assuming you arrive within the booked period, the barrier will recognise your card and will open. You can now drive in to the car park. Please note that the same card is also required upon departure in order to open the barrier.

You pay your parking space only upon exit, so you save yourself time waiting at the pay machine, as your parking fee is automatically debited to your credit card or cash card. Of course, you receive a receipt about the amount of your parking fees on departure.

Book or reserve the parking space of your choice here now and fly relaxedly to your holiday destination.

Parking products

Für Geschäftsreisende bietet der Airport Düsseldorf einige besondere Parkangebote im Bereich Business-Parken an.

In addition to the convenient car parks and parking garages for those going on longer holiday trips, we also offer our customers many parking products that are optimally tailored to the needs of business travellers.

Exclusive parking area for HON Circle members and First Class passengers
Lufthansa’s HON Circle members and first class passengers benefit from a separate parking area on level 2 of parking garage P7 with an access bridge to Terminal A. There’s no need to reserve a space in advance – simply drive to the entrance and a parking space without extra fee is guaranteed!

Car park season ticket
The car park season ticket offers companies and business travellers exclusive access to a dedicated parking account including monthly invoices. Manage and monitor your costs at any time with your personal user account. No need to pay at the pay station thanks to easy cashless payments. You can obtain a car park season ticket at the parking service office located on the ground level of P3.

Prepaid parking ticket
You frequently park at Düsseldorf Airport and want to save the time needed for going to the pay station? You can obtain a prepaid parking ticket at the parking service office located on the ground level of parking garage P3 to flexibly use all parking areas at the airport. Simply top up at any pay station and payment will automatically be deducted from your credit balance when you leave.

Do you already know which parking offer you want to take advantage of? Then you can reach the booking engine directly here. If you have any further questions about the business parking products, you can contact our parking service base:

+49 (0) 211 421-25 500

Premium parking

Convenient parking in the premium area close to the terminal

As a business traveller and frequent flyer, do you place particular emphasis on convenience – not just during your flight, but already when you arrive at the airport? Our premium parking area in parking garage P3 creates the ideal environment for you to arrive at the airport in a relaxed and expeditious manner.

With premium parking you enjoy the benefits of close-to-terminal parking spaces in our premium parking area with its separate access lane. From here it’s just a short distance via a covered walkway into the terminal. Please remember that reserving your premium parking space is indispensable.

Reserve your parking space today so that you’re relaxed when you fly tomorrow!

Parking service base

Our parking service base can help you on all topics related to parking. The service office is located on the ground floor of TERMINAL multi-storey car park P3 and is staffed for you 24/7.

The employees of the parking service switchboard are available not just on site, but also by telephone at any time. If you have any questions or problems, please use the call button on the barrier systems or the payment machines.

You are also welcome to write us a message. For this, please use our contact form.


Park Vogel is a brand of SITA Airport IT GmbH - the IT service provider of Dusseldorf Airport and responsible for IT operations of 22,000 parking spaces at Dusseldorf Airport. 

Parkvogel is a successful car park vendor that already operates two car parks in the city of Dusseldorf: one at the ISS DOME, especially for holidaymakers departing from Dusseldorf Airport, and one at the Carlsplatz in Dusseldorf's city centre. 

Parkvogel operates the First Class Parking at Dusseldorf Airport. An important distinguishing feature compared to other vendors: You keep your keys!

Shuttle bus transfer

Park, get out and arrive at the terminal in the space of a few minutes. The Düsseldorf Airport shuttle bus transports you reliably, quickly and conveniently from car parks P24 and P26 in 20 minute runs to the terminal between 3:30 a.m. (at P24) or 3.20 a.m. (at P26) to 1:00 a.m. – and completely free of charge.

You can find more information on the relevant car park pages:

Car Park P13 is connected to the airport by shuttle bus. The ride to the terminal takes about 3 minutes (subject to traffic conditions), operates in 20 minute runs from 03:00 until 01:00 hrs (following day) and is convenient and free of charge. 
  • Car park P13

Skytrain transfer

Der SkyTrain verbindet die Parkhäuser P4 und P5 mit dem Terminal und hält regelmäßig in den Abschnitten A/B und C.

Travel relaxedly and conveniently to the terminal - multi-storey car parks P4 and P5 are directly connected to the terminal via the SkyTrain. You reach the terminal in approximately two minutes – and arrive back at your car again in the same time. Your parking ticket or parking space booking confirmation is recognised as a ticket. The SkyTrain stops in terminal sections A/B and C and departs every 31/2 - seven minutes. Please note: it is not possible to take trolleys onto the Skytrain.

Start and car breakdown help

Kontaktieren Sie unsere Parkservicezentrale unter +49 211 / 421-6637 wenn Ihr Auto eine Panne oder Startprobleme auf dem Gelände des Airports hat.

Do you urgently need help because your car is broken down? No problem! We are always on hand to assist you in the event of car breakdowns or start problems on the Düsseldorf Airport grounds. Simply contact our parking service base on the following telephone number: +49 (0)211 421-25 500.

Battery recharging station / petrol station

Battery recharging station

Electric recharging points operated by Stadtwerke Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf Municipal Works, SWD) are available to parking customers of Düsseldorf Airport in multi-storey car parks P8, P7 and P5. All battery recharging stations are equipped with a shockproof plug as well as a type 2 plug (Mennekes plug).

To start the charging process at the electric charging station, parking customers need a fuel card from the Düsseldorf city utility (Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG) or one of the roaming partners of There is also contract-free charging without a fuel card using a smartphone and PayPal account (and soon credit card) at the designated electric charging stations.

Find more information about the Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG fuel card at

Shell petrol station

The Shell petrol station is located between multi-storey car park P5 and the car rental centre. It is thus located in direct proximity to the terminal. Particularly practical for car rental customers is that you can refuel "right next door" before returning the vehicle. In addition to the common fuels, natural gas and liquefied gas are also available here.

In addition, the petrol station has a modern car wash. Anyone who wishes to can wash his/her car here him/herself or have it cleaned professionally.

Parking Tariffs

The parking rates at Düsseldorf Airport! Whether you need a short or long term stay, you're picking up or you're dropping off - this gives you an overview of our standard parking rates. We also have low-priced special deals, and you can always find them at

➜ Parkingtariffs at a glance as PDF (dated from: 11.2019 - subject to alterations)

Fare zones

Parking guidance system at the Düsseldorf airport

Where can you take your car so that it is securely parked while you are on holiday? To one of more than 20,000 parking spaces at Düsseldorf Airport, of course! Our parking spaces and multi-storey car parks are divided into several fare zones. You can park particularly close to the terminal in the orange TERMINAL rate zone – the yellow LONG-TERM rate zone, the coveted LONG-TERM BUDGET zone is marked red. Colours thus show you the way to the parking space of your choice – in all plans and in our parking guidance system.

Please note that LONG-TERM SAVE parking spaces are marked in yellow instead of red (like LONG-TERM) in the parking guidance system.

Parking zone Parking space Parking space type Height restriction



Parking garage

2,0 m



Parking garage

1,9 m



Parking garage

1,9 m



Parking garage
2,0 m


Parking garage

1,9 m


First class parking**
Parking garage

2,1 m


Parking garage

2,1 m

Parking garage

2,1 m



Car park




Car park


LONG TERM SAVINGS P13 Car park none
Car park
Car park
Car park
** an offer of