Hyundai Deutschland


Company founder Chung Ju-Yung succeeded in making the Hyundai Motor Company the fifth biggest automobile manufacturer in the world. With a market share of 2.74 percent, Hyundai Motor Germany has established itself as a successful brand in Germany. In addition to high manufacturing and service quality, Hyundai focuses on regional marketing strategies in particular. Under the motto "Think global, act local" the company shows local presence on the important markets and can react to market changes with its products. This takes place in the main design centres in Japan, the USA and in the European design headquarters in Germany.


Different countries have different customs – this is why Hyundai develops several vehicles exclusively in Germany and perfectly tailors them to the requirements of its country-specific customers. For the market launch, large PR events and live presentations attract the right amount of attention and publicity. Advertising campaigns at highly frequented places also mean that the relevant target groups are ideally reached. Düsseldorf Airport is the ideal location for this as it offers a variety of presentation surfaces, a conference and banquet centre as well as a variety of innovative advertising media – outdoor, indoor and digital. And: the Düsseldorf Airport is simple and fast to reach by rail, car and of course by plane. Hyundai guests can participate in events and experience the fascination of the new vehicle technology live, in an international setting.


In order to really pull out the stops when it comes to impressing customers, there are 13 exhibition areas inside and outside Düsseldorf Airport, as well as the opportunity to present automobiles live. For its elaborate live presentation Hyundai used the P11 parking space, which offers many options and presentation spaces for large PR events in particular. The parking space is also directly next to the terminal, making it easily accessible and just a short walk away for the Hyundai guests. And not forgetting: before and after the roadshow the company also had access to the conference and banquet centre. The latest Hyundai automobile technology was presented against the impressive backdrop of the runway.