It’s all come and go here. But the impressions stick.

Whether that regular meeting in London or annual vacation in Miami: An average of almost 70,000 passengers every day use Germany’s third-largest airport. Over a year that makes 24,3 million. The sheer number of travelers would be a good reason on its own to be present here as an advertiser. But it’s not just numbers that make Düsseldorf Airport so attractive for you.

Because the Airport is on the one hand the direct connection to German and European metropolises and the hub to the world, so on the other hand it is a world of its own. With business travelers and holidaymakers. With the people who come to say goodbye or welcome them home again. With several thousand employees who make sure of a smooth process. Whereby the many employees of the companies and businesses based directly at the Airport have not yet even been included. They all contribute to that special atmosphere of excited attentiveness found only at airports. And who make sure that your message arrives – and stays.

Target group-precise landing at Düsseldorf Airport.

The passengers: Every day, our Airport is the take-off and landing point for those setting off for new destinations on business or privately. 40% of the passengers are business and 60% private travelers. Of the business travelers, almost 60% are freelance, self-employed or managers. And over half of the business passengers use Düsseldorf Airport at least once a month, whereby you can by all means expect serious buying power: 71 % of passengers belong to the attractive target group of the 30- to 65-year-olds. 48% of the private frequent flyers* have a net household income of €3,000.

The employees: Whether in administration, in service or in the technical area – for an airport to run smoothly it needs qualified employees. And any number of them. So it’s no wonder that the Airport, with 19,800 employees, is Düsseldorf’s biggest workplace. Directly at the Airport is Airport City – an attractive business park for 4,600 jobs by 2016. You can reach these people on their way to or at work in and around Düsseldorf Airport. Every day. We call that more than just a welcome side effect.

The “Meeters & Greeters”: A traveler seldom comes alone, because he’s often brought to the airport by relatives, friends or colleagues. But also collected again. For which around 2.5 million parking transactions of at most 3 hours in 2013 are clear evidence. The “Meet & greet” guests are a not-to-be-underestimated target group, because they often spend quite a while in and around Düsseldorf Airport while they wait. They go shopping in the Arcades, enjoy a cup of coffee or find out about travel offers. Or they watch the goings-on on the runway from the observation deck. That means: enough time and opportunity to remember your message.

*Consumer analysis 2012, target group private frequent flyers: three or more trips by air in the last twelve months.